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Leather or Fabric – How to Choose

Buying a furniture piece is an investment, we want it to be comfortable, easy to maintain and stand the test of time. It’s important that you take the time to consider all your options when making your purchase.



Durability is an important factor to consider when investing in a piece of furniture. Quality has a big part to play, however, you don’t have to pay the highest price to get the best quality.
Nowadays we have fabric cleaning products to help care for and prolong the life of our fabric pieces. You can use a fabric treatment product on your piece to repel most stains, however, some fabrics have been manufactured to have a stain resistant finish which makes it easier to clean. Leather is the easiest to clean, using just a damp cloth and wiping it dry. Twice a year it’s recommended that you treat your leather using a good quality leather cleaning product to ensure it is well protected.


Conclusion – it all depends on your lifestyle, our take on it is leather sofas are easier to maintain and clean.



Leather absorbs heat faster than fabric so sitting on a leather sofa for a lengthy period of time will feel warmer than sitting on a fabric sofa.
Full grain and semi aniline leathers are of the highest quality leather available, only a small percentage of hides can be selected as full grain and therefore are expensive. These hides have been worked much less giving a softer texture, allowing the grain to remain which allows for durability. On the other hand corrective grain leathers, as the name suggests, have been corrected by sanding and buffing out any natural imperfections, therefore, partially removing the grain to give it a more even feel and look. If your budget stretches further, a full grain or semi aniline leather matched with feather filled back and soft Dunlop Enduro foam seating cushions can create an extremely soft and luxurious sofa.
There are some fabrics that are firmer than others. For example linen fabrics have more of a stiffer feel to them as opposed to a soft velvet.


Conclusion – it really does come down to personal choice, your comfort needs and the look you’re going for.



It has been clinically tested and proven that leather is hypoallergenic, which makes is a great choice for those who suffer from allergies. Leather doesn’t accumulate dust mites, pet dander, and other nasty allergens easily. If you are prone to suffering from allergies fabric may not be the best choice, fabric, if not continuously dusted or vacuumed can harbor nasty allergens, there are even some that vacuuming won’t get rid of.


Conclusion – The best choice for allergy sufferers is leather.



For most of us budget plays a huge role in the choices we make. The bottom line is good quality fabric and leather can be expensive. The best way to make a decision is to compare features such as ease of cleaning, comfort and durability and lastly price.

Conclusion – Take into consideration your own needs whether it be pets, kids, location etc and yes price can be a deciding factor.


Its your choice

It comes down to personal preference, leather and fabric both have their advantages and disadvantages but depending on the piece you wish to cover or purchase will influence your choice. Taking into consideration all the facts discussed in this article, look at what is most important to you and your lifestyle. At Reality Furniture we can help you make the right choice by providing excellent advice and consultation services. Call our showroom today on 8336 4842.